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Solar Radiation

World map of potential solar power (solar insolation in kWh/m²/day)
(credit: Hugh Ahlenius, UNEP/GRID - Arendal Maps and Graphics Library).
Thailand map of potential solar power (solar insolation in kWh/m²/day)
Source: World Climate Research Program data available from the NASA Langley DAAC

Solar Radiation - Global (VS Thailand)

When solar radiation is transmitted to Earth, it has dispersed to different locations, so different areas have various solar energy potential. The map of the world's solar energy potential of a NASA showed range of radiation in Thailand about 5.0 - 6.5 kWh/m² per day.
45% of solar radiation will strike the earth' surface, while 55% is reflected by the atmosphere.
Solar radiation in Thailand:
> in average 18.2 MJ/sq.m/day
> maximum radiation 20-24 MJ/m²/day
> Thailand has a very high potential
for solar energy
Thailand has an area of 500,000 square kilometers. Giving its location, Thailand's weather and temperature represents the equatorial regions climate. If you use the solar energy only 1 percent of the total area, it is equal to energy 700 million tons of oil. World demand for oil showed a continued increase, causing high energy cost and not to mention the depletion in the future. The earn energy from the sun is an alternative way in solving the energy crisis because there are no production costs.
Source: Thai Solar Energy Co., Ltd.