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Operation with Filter Pump

poolpanel system configuration diagram This configuration can usually be selected if the absorbers are not to be set up higher than 6 m above the surface of the water. A threeway motor ball valve has to be integrated into the pressure line of the filter installation. Because of a differential-temperature regulation the ball valve is operated whenever the absorber tem-perature is higher than the temperature of the water of the swim-ming pool. The filter stream is then pumped through the absorbers. The warmed water flows back into the filter circuit by a T-junction. This configuration is suitable for large pools where the filter pump is operated all day long.
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Operation with Separate Pump

poolpanel system configuration diagram In many cases it may be sensible or even necessary to install a separate circulation pump for the solar heating. For example if the absorbers are to be set up higher than 6 m above the surface of the water.
For small pools and also to save energy the filter may operates only for limited periods during the day, while the water heating should circulate whenever the sun shines. The water is diverted from the filter installation by a T-junction and pumped through the absorbers by the auxiliary circulation pump. This pump is switched by the differential temperature regulation to ensure that it only runs to actually win energy. It is usually advisable to integrate non-return valves in both the solar and the filter circuit.

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Operation with Separate Pump and Independent Piping

poolpanel system configuration diagramThis configuration is chosen when the filter piping is difficult of access. The water is sucked out of the swimming pool by an im-mersion pipe, pumped through the absorbers, and the warmed water is conducted back into the swimming pool. Here too the differential temperature regulation ensures that the circulation pump only runs to win energy. If the pump is mounted above the water level and the delivery head is more than 5 m, a non-return valve should be incorporated.

However, there are many options to control the circulation pump (e.g. by a light sensor which only operates at intense light or by an thermostat switch in one of the last panels in the cycle.)

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The components:
1 Oku absorber
2 Differential temp. regulator
3 Filter installation
4 Solar circuit forward/return
5 Three-way motor ball valve
6 Temperature sensor, absorber
7 Temperature sensor, pool
8 Air vent
9 Stop cock (downdraft brake)
10 Drain cock
11 Circulation pump
12 Non-return valve
San Sai, Chiang Mai Antibes, France


Size of Pool Heating System

poolpanel system configuration diagram The water of the swimming pool can flow through the OKU absorbers in either direction, so they can be mounted both lengthwise and side by side. The individual rows of absorbers are connected using the same routes for each row. It is not advisable to connect more than seven absorbers in series.

The recommended absorber area is about 50% of the pool surface area. If the pool is covered during night, it may need only 30% of the pool surface area. An temperature increase of about 4-7°C compared to unheated swimming pools can be reached.

The following graphic allows you to calculate the space requirement for your OKU pool heating system. Each absorber panel covers an area of about 1.1 m² pool panel area calculation graphic Example
The example shows a small solar field of 6 absorbers. The following components are required:
4 x OKU absorber No. 1000
2 x OKU absorber No. 1001
4 x Connecting hose No. 2011
8 x Connecting hose No. 2012


Pool Heating Accessories and Options

pool parts and accessories OKU Obermaier in Germany offers a range of accessories and control equipment. To keep the transportation and importation cost low it is recommended to select carefully which options are really needed and which can may be replaced by parts locally available in Thailand. It makes not much sense to import PVC water pipes from Germany! However not all pipe standards are same (Germany = Millimeter, Thailand = Inch), therefore it is may necessary to individually adapt some connections.
Please refer to our PDF catalogue for a selection of available fit-tings and accessories for the OKU solar pool heating system.
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OKU - Parts catalogue & Price list
(OKU parts catalogue & price list_ENG_v4_download.pdf)


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