There are several ways to build up your solar water system. Different system configurations will have different advantages or disadvantages. Ask us, we will help you to choose the right set-up for your individual purpose. Flat panel systems made from copper or from copper com-pounds are highly efficient, very reliable, quick to install and economical.

Our standard flat panel system with 4 m 2 flat panel collector area (2 panels) and 240 litres insulated storage tank is suitable for an extended household of up to 5 people. Diluted with cold water it gives about 500 litres of warm shower water. This standard system is available as a non-pressure system with the storage tank outside at the roof, or as a pressurized system with the stainless steel tank hidden inside the roof.

The pressurized system is also available with only one collector panel (2 m² ) and a 125 litres insulated storage tank suitable for a small household of about 2-3 people.

The non-pressure system can also be installed with only one collector panel (2 m² ), but using the same 240 litres tank than the larger system.

Any other system size can be manufactured up to customer's request.

Chiang Mai Solar developed a special roof installation set which is suitable for nearly any roof style and roofing-tile type. We also developed special mounting parts for the very common CPAC-Monier roofing tiles.

The insulated hot water storage tank should be always installed higher as, and as close as pos-sible, to the collector panel to allow a natural circulation. When ever the sun is shining the water starts to circulate as hot water is flowing upward while cold water is flowing downward. In night the circulation stops alone.
In cases where the tank can not be installed higher than the panels (small roof, long distance, etc.) a small circulation pump with an electronic controller need to be applied.

Further it is recommended to supply the kitchen sink, the washing machine or a dish washer (etc.) also with hot solar water! Please consider this, because cleaning dishes with hot water will save you and the environment a lot of dish washing liquid. Automatic dish washers and most washing machines have inbuilt electric water heaters, which are major power consumers in your household. Supplying them with hot or warm solar water would definitely reduce your electricity bill. By purchasing a new washing machine you may consider to buy a cold water washing machine and supplying this machine with warm solar water.
Accessories and Options

Circulation Pump
Solar Controller
Back-up Heater
Switch for back-up Heater
Digital Thermometer
Analog Thermometer
Flow Meter
Expansion Tank
Pressure Gauge
Thermostatic valve
Small Pressure Pump
Pressure Relief Valve
Magnesium Rod
Automatic Air Vent

Chiang Mai Solar harnesses the energy of the sun to provide year-long, free, carbon neutral, hot water for domestic and business use throughout Northern Thailand. Combining German technology and engineering skills with local fabrication, Chiang Mai Solar offers a range of cost effective solar absorber systems for Domestic and Hospitality sector hot water production.

Choose the right set-up

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Flat Panel Absorber

The CO² emission per capita in Thailand was 4.19 tonnes in 2008. (source: World Bank)
The solar energy production for a solar system with 2 panels (240 liters /4 M² ) is up to 8.8 MWh (Mega Watt hour) per year. This is equivalent to about 24,000 THB in costs of electricity, in case you would use all the energy. The saved annual CO² emission is more than 5.2 tonnes per year, equivalent to taking one car off the road.

- High Energy Yield
- High CO² Reduction
- Low Cost
- High Efficiency
- Economical
- Very Long Service Life


  1. Very good price/performance ratio
  1. Outstanding workmanship and quality
  1. High reliability and warranty
  1. Long service life and high durability